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  1. A good cook must have these three important qualities:

    1. Willing spirit b. consistency c. cleanliness

  2. Use long-grain rice. It cooks fluffier and has a tendency no to be as starchy.

  3. Food which is three days old or older should not be used because either it has spoiled or has acquired a refrigerator taste. This procedure helps you to avoid unhealthy incidents.

  4. Make breakfast and lunch your heaviest meals. Eating heavy at a late hour can cause weight-gain and stomach discomforts.

  5. Avoid peeling vegetables unless absolutely necessary because many nutrients are found in the peelings.

  6. You will use less spices when cooking at a medium-to-low flame because at that temperature, the spices cook through the food.

  7. Recipes utilizing pickle relish should use the liquid from the relish to enhance the flavor.

 For more Helpful Cooking Hints, see page X of our new cookbook.

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