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Excerpts from Everlasting Life by Ben Ammi


The eating of meat is the best illustration I can give of a habitual error whose immediate results wonít always be felt.  But if you continue to eat chemically-injected decaying, indigestible, colon-clogging, cancer-inducing meats, believe me, you can order your grave plot now because youíll be needing it sooner than you realize.  Sure, meat may taste good and may satisfy your appetite, but God did not create manís digestive tracts to accommodate meat.  Carnivorous animals have short intestines which enable meats to be quickly expelled.  Humans, however, have exceptionally long intestinal tracts which cannot withstand the decaying of meats which linger inside us.  Nevertheless, the time will definitely come when the organs will rebel, making you consciously aware of a diseased condition manifest in a major organ or in some other remote place weakened by malnutrition (the ingestion of irritating toxic words accumulated beyond the mindís overworked eliminative powers).  It is the constant bombardment of erroneous teachings and falsehoods, that activates negative reactions which, in most cases, are responsible for the gradual erosion and ultimate destruction of health.  Lying is, and causes, chronic disease.  When lying is chronic, its negative force is constantly vexing and weakening.  The next logical question will more than likely be:  what and whom is the chronic liar weakening?  I can comfortably and accurately respond that he is/has made himself sick and all others that regularly listen to him.  Just consider:  your life cycles and all of your inner organs revolving around a lie!


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